Blockchain Can Revolutionize the Patenting of Inventions?


I want to share some things that my dear friend and colleague, Justin Evans, has published on his site, Justin is a scientist at heart turned legal guru in the intellectual property field. I find his thoughts enlightening and hope you do as well. Jay, your on…   Thanks Drae! ….Showtime! What is blockchain? […]

Be sure you Retire TO as oppose to Retire FROM

Many people I interview who have achieved the highly coveted distinction of “RETIRED” say that they retired from this or that  job. My good friend Jacob however told me something that totally changed my frame of reference. He said, “Drae, I retired to boating and woodworking with my wife.” He has the freedom to do […]

Enjoy your Family

In my book I speak about the importance of nurturing family and friend relationships. We spend so much time at work ensuring we earn income to manage our debt and daily operating expenses (and there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so). In fact, as mature and responsible adults we should take care of our […]

Business Cards- How Important Are They?


Short Answer— VERY. Long Answer— Listen we meet new people daily. Walking in the park, riding trains, buses and planes. Personally,  as I speak and visit schools I meet literally hundreds of people every week. And the amazing thing is those people are not just from my community, they are from all over the world. […]

Be Selective About Who You Disappoint 

Secret weapon business concept with a chess pawn punching and destroying the competition king piece with a hidden red boxing glove as a metaphor for innovative corporate strategy and planning to win the game.

I will not disappoint my children but am totally ok with letting down someone’s opinion that I “need” to borrow money for lavish items (I can’t afford)—— all to appear well off. I encourage you to disappoint those acquaintances (I would go as far as calling them strangers ha!) all day everyday if it means […]