Be Selective About Who You Disappoint 

Secret weapon business concept with a chess pawn punching and destroying the competition king piece with a hidden red boxing glove as a metaphor for innovative corporate strategy and planning to win the game.

I will not disappoint my children but am totally ok with letting down someone’s opinion that I “need” to borrow money for lavish items (I can’t afford)—— all to appear well off. I encourage you to disappoint those acquaintances (I would go as far as calling them strangers ha!) all day everyday if it means […]

Money Does Not Solve Everyone’s Problems

Abstract waste your money

I have heard the saying, “Let’s just throw some money at this problem!” And I immediately think, “What a waste!” We are missing the point if we are not changing the habit that got us into the predicament in the first place. We are bound to repeat our glooming results…. Why contemplate throwing more money […]

People Grow Old, Doesn’t Mean They Necessarily Grow Up

Businessman in a blindfold stepping off a cliff ledge concept for risk, challenge, conquering adversity or ignorance

In my book I discuss how it’s ok to outgrow your friends. Though this may sound cold and callus, I say it because if you choose to hinder your growth for the sake of allegiance to an irresponsible relationship then you are responsible for your position (whether it is in an ideal position or less […]

What is Your Dinner Conversation?

Friends at an evening dinner party

I love this question because it aims directly at values and productivity. I argue that whatever you enjoy in life tends to prevails in your dialogue. So what do you talk about? This is a double edge question because hopefully it’s about things you are passionate about. AND those things hopefully gravitate around fruitful goals, family, […]

What did you do today that was selfless?

Contribute word in 3d letters pulled up by a team working together for a donation, contribution, sharing or giving for a worthy cause or group project

Please comment and share what you did today that was selfless-   This month we will change it up a little– lets share our moment of charity…of selfless service.     If you find this thought interesting, please consider reading more in my book! Click here to purchase on Amazon- on sale! $2.99 ebook! Click here […]