Be Selective About Who You Disappoint 

Secret weapon business concept with a chess pawn punching and destroying the competition king piece with a hidden red boxing glove as a metaphor for innovative corporate strategy and planning to win the game.

I will not disappoint my children but am totally ok with letting down someone’s opinion that I “need” to borrow money for lavish items (I can’t afford)—— all to appear well off. I encourage you to disappoint those acquaintances (I would go as far as calling them strangers ha!) all day everyday if it means you remain honest and true about your financial health.

Teaching your kids the humble mentality, “Lots of Cattle, Little Hat” should be the preferred habit as oppose to the fruitless, “Big Hat, No Cattle” cultural norm most of us presently live in. You know what I’m talking about because you see it everyday… those folks who walk around with bling jewelry, designer clothing while driving luxury cars. All while having little or no savings. They are living paycheck to paycheck and borrowing from creditors. Back on the block, I call it, “Putting on Facades!” I know this firsthand because I once was that person.

Mr. Little Hat: looks so ordinary and common on the streets to a point where he is not even noticed in passing. The catch is, in Mr. Little Hat’s incognito ways, he has amassed wealth that pays dividends to the point that he does not have to work! Retirement is established.

So we have one person (Mr. Big Hat) who has to work FOREVER to earn a livelihood and another person (I’ll give you one guess) who does not have to work yet has effortless residual income flowing in.

I grew up hearing around the house, “Why are trying to keep up with the Jones?” my grandmother would explain, “Son don’t be fooled, because the Jones are more broke than us!” It made me laugh then, but now I see where she was coming from. The “Jones” charged and charged their way into a deathly spiral. Turned out they were renting their home and failed to make rent payments (resulting in eviction). Not only were they not able to find a place to live, but they were forced to live in government housing, cars were repossessed and the marriage failed. My heart goes out to them because they drifted away. Some people do that— they come in your life for a season or reason, then they (or you) move on. I just hope it’s for the better. Today, I do not know where the “Jones” are but I am thank my grandmother for encouraging me not to live up to a standard these people (who I no longer communicate with) emphasized. I’m OK with disappointing them- not my grandmother.

The crazy thing is that if I fail at properly raising my kids (for the sake of pleasing someone else) once they reach maturity they might resent me for not being firm in their fiscal education. I mean really, as a kid, I only wanted bread and sweets. Now that I’m older I realize that those foods must be extremely well managed in order to maintain good physical health. The same is to be said with choosing correct spending habits— large amounts of debt for the sake of “it feels good” (like the infamous student loan) is insane and I would be doing my children a disservice to teach them that there is “good” debt. In the back of my mind, I say, “Be mad at me now but you will appreciate it later!”

Who do you refuse to disappoint in life?


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