Business Cards- How Important Are They?


Short Answer— VERY.

Long Answer— Listen we meet new people daily. Walking in the park, riding trains, buses and planes. Personally,  as I speak and visit schools I meet literally hundreds of people every week. And the amazing thing is those people are not just from my community, they are from all over the world. So I capitalize on their circles as they do with mine as we exchange business cards.

Do I particularly need professional underwater basket-weaving consultation at this particular moment? Hmm, No. BUT do I add them to my network of emails (I send out routinely)? Yes. More importantly, do I pass along their card to someone else who is looking for those types of services? Hell Yes!

You have to understand the term globalization in order to grasp the magnitude of your business card…

In a time, long long ago, there was this delivery service called postal mail. Fact: people would write letters and wait weeks for response. Needless to say, coordination (answering questions) took a while. All event planning occurred many months in advance. Pretty soon, the telegraph and telephone rose from the need to communicate quicker. Reaction time became shorter and shorter. Nowadays with the internet, transactions and scheduling happen almost instantly. The neat thing is that these communications and scheduling are happening with people across continents. Trade and commerce happen at high volumes thereby influencing revenue. Events and meetings across states are planned and conducted in less than 24 hours.

Your business card more than likely is at the genesis of these transactions/deals/scheduling. So make it unique; remember it is an extension of you!

A few tips regarding your business card:

  1. There are two sides to a business card..use them
  2. Clear/High Quality pictures are good (people remember your face!)
  3. Consider having two different sets of business cards; one with  your picture and another without
  4. Email address is a must
  5. Work phone number is a must
  6. Web URL is a must
  7. Cell Phone number shows your dedication
  8. Titles are ok, but who you represent means most (leave your ego at the door)
  9. Stay away from paper perforated cards. They look cheap and unprofessional… and that is how you will come across
  10. Always give at least two cards. One for the individual and the other is for him/her to pass along. Considering free advertising.


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