Business Cards- How Important Are They?


Short Answer— VERY. Long Answer— Listen we meet new people daily. Walking in the park, riding trains, buses and planes. Personally,  as I speak and visit schools I meet literally hundreds of people every week. And the amazing thing is those people are not just from my community, they are from all over the world. […]

Participative Leadership

A team of people marching up gears with words Engage, Join, Participate, Unite and Involve to illustrate teamwork and reaching new heights together

The most influential leaders include their coworkers in the decision making process. There is no room for pride; ego is checked in at the door. Participative leaders solicit opinions and recommendations from the environment’s body and from my experience- ask trustworthy members to completely take on the full responsibility of multiple initiatives.  Participative leaders do […]

Competent Leadership

Britain Girls Brigade Postage Stamp

If leadership is the process of influencing someone or an organization to accomplish a goal then competence is the key ingredient that gives the leader legitimacy. Competence is the ability to “do.” Do what? Easy answer: Set the Example. After all, it is hard to follow someone whom you have little trust in ability. This […]

Visionaries Understand Globalization


Merriam Webster defines globalization as the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper labor markets. Factors that have contributed to globalization include increasingly sophisticated communications and transportation technologies and services (a result of high levels of economic activity that has outgrown national […]

Information in the Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process Word Circle Concept

Information fuels understanding, which is essential in the decision-making process. Yes, General Patton said that he’d rather execute a good plan violently than a perfect plan executed next week. Timing was more critical to him than a fully thought out scheme of maneuver. In your workplace there might be instances where you will not have the entire scope […]