Be sure you Retire TO as oppose to Retire FROM

Many people I interview who have achieved the highly coveted distinction of “RETIRED” say that they retired from this or that  job. My good friend Jacob however told me something that totally changed my frame of reference. He said, “Drae, I retired to boating and woodworking with my wife.” He has the freedom to do […]

Money Does Not Solve Everyone’s Problems

Abstract waste your money

I have heard the saying, “Let’s just throw some money at this problem!” And I immediately think, “What a waste!” We are missing the point if we are not changing the habit that got us into the predicament in the first place. We are bound to repeat our glooming results…. Why contemplate throwing more money […]

What is Your Dinner Conversation?

Friends at an evening dinner party

I love this question because it aims directly at values and productivity. I argue that whatever you enjoy in life tends to prevails in your dialogue. So what do you talk about? This is a double edge question because hopefully it’s about things you are passionate about. AND those things hopefully gravitate around fruitful goals, family, […]

Competent Leadership

Britain Girls Brigade Postage Stamp

If leadership is the process of influencing someone or an organization to accomplish a goal then competence is the key ingredient that gives the leader legitimacy. Competence is the ability to “do.” Do what? Easy answer: Set the Example. After all, it is hard to follow someone whom you have little trust in ability. This […]

Why You Should Partner with a Purpose

Diversity business team concluding contract with handshake in fr

Leaders view every interaction as an opportunity to make a connection for future joint endeavors. Not saying that these endeavors must be monetarily based, they can also be to jointly head or contribute to a fund raiser type of initiative. The point is that not one opportunity to grow a positive relationship should be wasted. […]

Are You Running a Hobby or a Business?

the same old thinking and disappointing results, closed loop or negative feedback mindset concept  - a napkin doodle with a cup of coffee

My interpretation: A business makes me money whereas a hobby costs me money. Let me get to the point and be quick about it… When I think about this question I can’t help but to recall Shawn Carter’s reaction to self-perception. He explains, “I’m a business man, not a businessman!” Though much a pun, there is […]