People Grow Old, Doesn’t Mean They Necessarily Grow Up

Businessman in a blindfold stepping off a cliff ledge concept for risk, challenge, conquering adversity or ignorance

In my book I discuss how it’s ok to outgrow your friends. Though this may sound cold and callus, I say it because if you choose to hinder your growth for the sake of allegiance to an irresponsible relationship then you are responsible for your position (whether it is in an ideal position or less […]

Preventive Maintenance, Checks and Services

Inspector At Construction Site

As a young Infantry Lieutenant I led a 36-man platoon many years ago and it was in that position where I learned the importance of having a critical eye. My company commander, CPT Christopher Budihas (now Lieutenant Colonel) was an expert “inspector.” I am not referring to in-ranks inspections, or surprise inspections that interrupt the daily […]

Take Ownership and Backbrief

Parchment Reader, Back

One of the most underused techniques of establishing an effective organization is the implementation of back briefs. Recall those times when your supervisor was unclear in his or her guidance yet you were told to make it happen unclear of what “it” really was suppose to look like. You run back to your office and […]