Making Perfect Practice

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We are not perfect; we can never be. There is one thing we can do: Practice.

Constant endeavors to pursue excellence is the mindset we should have. Though we are not perfect we can dwell in the band of excellence by holding ourselves, coworkers, family members, and friends accountable to a high standard. ​ Several ways to maintain high standards are:

1. Constantly voice what the end state should look like.

2. Avoid the whisper of delay.

3. Ensure that you complete all tasks on time.

4. Never cut corners or take the easy way out.

5. Always give 100% towards goal completion. (Don’t merely stop at putting your best foot forward at the beginning. Continue to exert your maximum effort throughout the life of any given task)


​Think about those times when field goal kickers practice for that one critical kick during football games. Their practice day is nothing more than rehearsed routine. While their teammates in contrast spend their days in grueling tackling exercises of different “what if” scenarios. They too must perform their assignments in order for the play to be executed correctly. The kicker, however practices one motion 40 to 100 times a day. He visualizes his foot placement, body position, number of steps and required momentum of his kick to name a few considerations of what he must weigh and master. He does this every day all week so that come game day his kicks are felt just like practice. ​

A result of perfect practice is that you hone your skillset to a point where you begin to be identified with labels of expert, connoisseur, specialist, and authority. All from the idea of “practice.”

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