Power in Thank you

I learned to say thank you the hard way. Actually I will say, the best way.

As a kid, when I would ask for something/anything, if I did not immediately follow up with a sincere thank you, my grandmother in the same instance (of her giving me whatever it was), would take it right back!


I looked forward to bank days! As the teller offered me a treat (if I did not say thank you) Grandma Sarah would smile and say, “I’ll take that son.”

Surrendering my sucker stung so bad because the bank tellers would always offer me a sucker as she conducted her weekly transactions. I literally banked on them offering me the sweet treat. My smile would turn upside down because I knew I forgot to say thank you. The same happened at home with her wonderful biscuits.

However, as I grew older, I perfected my thank you. Looking people in the eye ensured they felt my sincerity. My tone also helped. Hand-written notes and personal emails of gratitude carried much weight with those who helped me.

Nowadays, I go crazy when I see someone not giving thanks. Directed at the culprit, you can see it in my eyes, “How dare you take acts of kindness for granted!” I feel my grandmother flicking my ear. It is not a pride issue or even a necessity to give credit. It’s not really even for the person who administered the kind gesture! It’s for the recipient of the kind gesture actually.

Yep, it’s for the person who is on the receiving end of the gift. It is an act of humility. The second we take to stop and acknowledge we can’t do everything on our own and that someone helped, we begin to show our value system. Someone supported. Someone gave… and they surely didn’t have to. Giving thanks settles our ego.

Here is the sweet spot, you have better odds of having repeat help when you show your appreciation. Trust me, not doing so, surely will get you an evil eye and mental note to leave your ungrateful a$$ hanging the next time! I’m just saying.

Bottom line, show your appreciation and sincerely say those two easy words as often as you can. They mean a lot. Thank you.


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