Preventive Maintenance, Checks and Services

Inspector At Construction Site

As a young Infantry Lieutenant I led a 36-man platoon many years ago and it was in that position where I learned the importance of having a critical eye. My company commander, CPT Christopher Budihas (now Lieutenant Colonel) was an expert “inspector.” I am not referring to in-ranks inspections, or surprise inspections that interrupt the daily training cycle, but he had a “critical eye” for detail. My supervisor would constantly stress, “Everything in your organization requires PMCS – Preventative, Maintenance, Checks and Services.” He could spot deficiencies from readiness reports to the weapons storage locker, and as he followed the trail of deficiencies and answers, they would inevitably lead him to more systemic and leader based problems. The subordinate leadership’s attention to detail was CPT Budihas’ intended target to remedy, not necessarily the deficiency itself. He believed as I do, that inspections were key to identifying areas that required the leadership’s attention and emphasis. Attention to Detail: a leadership attribute that inevitably led us to mission success at all levels.

PMCS is not just about checking equipment, its about checking systems and processes that work together for the harmony of your organization.

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