Take Ownership and Backbrief

Parchment Reader, Back

One of the most underused techniques of establishing an effective organization is the implementation of back briefs. Recall those times when your supervisor was unclear in his or her guidance yet you were told to make it happen unclear of what “it” really was suppose to look like. You run back to your office and team to work on a brief or plan, putting forth maximum effort and time to produce a product only to find out that your boss was expecting something different. Frustration consumes you because now you have go back and modify (at best) or start over again- and by this time you are under a shorter suspense. Back brief your supervisor immediately upon receiving your task ensuring you voice expectations and timelines. Feel free to tell him or her that you will be sure to give an In-Progress Review (IPR) to allow for additional guidance. IPRs do not have to be long. I have conducted 3 min progress reports to one hour progress reports; it all depends on the intricacy of the project to accomplish. BLUF: Tell your supervisor what your due outs including all specified critical tasks before you leave the room.

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