Why You Should Partner with a Purpose

Diversity business team concluding contract with handshake in fr

Leaders view every interaction as an opportunity to make a connection for future joint endeavors. Not saying that these endeavors must be monetarily based, they can also be to jointly head or contribute to a fund raiser type of initiative. The point is that not one opportunity to grow a positive relationship should be wasted. There are social media platforms out there such as LinkedIn and Facebook that allows its subscribers to see other subscribers who might be of like thinking or show similar interests. They allow you to connect to others directly or through mutual friends or colleagues to share advice, business tips, and potential investment or job opportunities. Networking allows you to broaden your spectrum of experiences and add things and people to your circle that you under normal circumstances, would never be a part of. Several things you should do to promote partnering with a purpose: 1. Keep business cards on you at all times. 2. If you use a smartphone have your contact information saved that gives your picture, job description, telephone number and email address ready to immediately send via text or email. When you meet someone and need to exchange information you can send them your contact card to save to their contact list. 3. When exchanging business cards write on the card pieces of information that will help you to recall how and under what circumstances you met.

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